About me

I'm a AWS/Python engineer at Infinum. I mostly work on the backend of applications running on AWS (Amazon Web Services). As of December 2018, I hold the "AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional" certificate. I also have experience in developing web apps with React.

In 2016 I graduated from the Department of Informatics of the University of Rijeka. There, I worked with Python on complex network analysis. My past experiences also include frontend and backend web development with PHP, HTML5/CSS and MySQL. Non-web related, I also played around with GPU programming (to be more specific with CUDA) and computer vision (Python & OpenCV). I'm no stranger to GNU/Linux, in the past I used Debian and Ubuntu.

For a more detailed list of qualifications and past work experience, you can download my CV below. You can always contact me on edvin.mocibob@gmail.com.


Here you can download my CV in English and Croatian. Note that the CVs have some info, eg my phone number, censored. Shoot me an email for a full version.


For more stuff you can check out my GitHub and Bitbucket profile.


Email: edvin.mocibob@gmail.com
Facebook: facebook.com/edvin.mocibob
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/edvinmocibob